Mercury Stereo Data

Mercury Stereo Digital Terrain Models (DTMs): As part of a PMDAP-funded effort, I have been producing stereo digital terrain models of Mercury using the Ames Stereo Pipeline. The creation and characteristics of these DTMs is described in a paper currently published by PSS, with the official version available here.   In case that is paywalled for you, you can also read a preprint version. An additional paper on crater morphometry observations using these data is also in the works; I hope to get it done sometime in the next six months.

I consider these DTMs public, so their use for science is encouraged with or without my collaboration. If you write a paper using these data, however, please do cite the paper linked above. Also, like all datasets, there are some quirks in this data, and all interpretations should take into account the uncertainties implicit in the DTMs (described in the paper). Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

The data are geotiffs in local sinusoidal projections, with an a no-data value of -10000; they should work in ArcMap out-of-the-box. To get the DTMs, go to the directory listing of the data here.  You can also look at the image pairs that went into each DTM here.  DTMs with “mla” in their file name were coregistered to MLA point data; those with “nomla” had no overlapping MLA data.